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most excellently or suitably; with most gain or accomplishment: an opera function that best satisfies her voice.

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These and various historically literate observers ponder a foreseeable future through which democracy has actually been bested

comparative, comparative degree - the comparative form of an adjective or adverb; "`a lot quicker' could be the comparative from the adjective `fast'"; "`fewer popular' will be the comparative diploma on the adjective `well-known'"; "`extra absolutely' would be the comparative in the adverb `surely'"

a part of a weather conditions deck in between two superstructures, extending from a person aspect of a vessel to the opposite.

hirsute 'hairy' op-ed 'a website page of Exclusive functions ordinarily opposite the editorial site' collegiality 'the cooperative romantic relationship of colleagues' mistrial 'a trial that terminates without having a verdict' hogwash 'nonsense, balderdash' SEE ALL

American-born Canadian physiologist famous for the invention and prosperous scientific software of insulin.

— john wilkens,, "Library punches all of the buttons for annual Waldo contest," twenty five June 2018 The first artist in history to get to the prime on the Billboard charts with all of her six albums, Queen Bey is amongst the planet’s best

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was even now very good soon after 3 months more info inside the freezer.

a compartment or enclosure all around a ship's pumps to create them conveniently accessible and shield them from getting destroyed because of the cargo.

incomparable, uncomparable - this kind of that comparison is not possible; unsuitable for comparison or lacking features that can be compared; "an incomparable week of rest and satisfaction"; "the pc proceeds with its incomparable logic and efficiency"; "this report is incomparable with the earlier kinds because of various breakdowns of the info"

References in common literature ? Definitely the best works, and of biggest merit for the general public, have proceeded from your unmarried or childless men; which each in passion and suggests, have married and endowed the general public.

— michael e. ruane, Washington Submit, "Rob Hiaasen, a ‘excellent colleague and a real craftsman,’ slain in Maryland shooting," 28 June 2018 Handford initially thought of Waldo as a bewildered wanderer though the character relished rapid results and has enjoyed ongoing reputation however best

all for that best, for The nice as the final result; to an final advantage: At enough time it was really hard to comprehend how it may be all for your best. Also for your best.

best - the one who is most excellent or outstanding; someone that tops all Many others; "he could defeat the best of these"

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